General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to register in HR hub before applying for vacancies?

Yes. You need to be registered before applying to any vacant position. You also have an option to sign up as a "Freelancer" or "Volunteer" according to your job interest. We do have a direct "CV upload" function from where you can upload your resume directly. However we recommend you to sign up.

Do I need to pay any cost to the organization?

Please note that HR hub does not charge anything for the signup or job placement from the Job Seeker.

How will the employers reach me?

Once you have applied for your desired job position, the employer's will review your profile and if found suitable they will contact you from your contact number or email id.

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Yes if the position suits you and you are qualified for it, we encourage you to apply.

Are there any commissions which I have to pay if I get hired through HR hub?

No. We do not charge you anything even if you are hired through HR Hub. However a recommendation would be nice.

Are all jobs listed in HR hub authentic?

Yes. All the jobs that have been listed in HR hub site need to go through a series of research. We don't post any job or vacancy that we find questionable or sham.

What to do if I forget my password?

In case you forget password, you can send us email on [email protected] for password reset and we will sent you a new password. You can also call us directly.

Job Seeker

Are you a jobseeker who is seeking for a job which best suits your experience, interest and abilities? If yes, we are here to help you.

Step 1: Sign up

Before applying for any job position signing up is mandatory. Signing up help you to find a job that best matches your profile. You can apply directly to your desired position. It helps you to apply for multiple jobs at once as you do not have to send your resume manually every time for any posted job vacancies.

Step 2: Save/Edit/Add your profile

Once you have filled all the basic information on your sign up page, save it. Remember your username and password. (If forgotten then send us an email at [email protected] ). You can Edit your profile and make other Additions in it once you sign up. We have a huge number of fields for you inside your profile from where you can make your own resume and download or print it.

Step 3: Sign in HR hub

You can Sign in to HR hub website using your username and password.

Step 4: Apply for job positions

After signing in, you can apply for your desired positions


For all the employers seeking qualified candidates which best suits their organization demands, we are here to find the finest employee as per the specified job descriptions and other testimonials. Is signing up necessary for Employer?

Yes. Signing up will help you to attract the best job seekers to your job. It also helps us to identify you esteemed organization and you job specifications further.

Do I get access to the service provided by HR hub?

After setting up the profile, please go through the "Login" option to get the access of the HR Hub services. You can also contact us directly. We would love to hear about your requirements in details so that we can identify the best matched candidates for you.

How do I post the job?

HR hub page has "Post a Job" option which needs to be filled by the organization. Once the information has been filled, it requires approval from HR hub from where we research the authenticity of jobs. Once it is done the jobs gets posted in our page.


What is freelancing?
Freelancing is someone who works for different organizations or persons rather than being permanently employed. You can work full- or part-time on projects of your choice. Freelancers have the freedom to pick and choose their projects and companies they would like to be associated with.
Is signing up necessary for Freelancer?

Yes. You need to be registered before applying to any position as a freelancer.

Who can join as a freelancer?

If you believe you have certain experience, expertise and ability and are willing to share your proficiency to other companies. Freelancing can be suitable for you.

If you want to join as a freelancer so that the employers get to know you, you need to sign up as regular sign up and click on "I want to work as a freelancer" column on the bottom. (If any assistance is needed kindly contact us) In case of freelance as this job mostly deals with certain specific abilities so we encourage you to clearly and specifically outline your expertise. Once it is completed, you will be called from the office and you need to visit for screening.
After Sign up Interview

Once you have signed up as a freelancer, you will be called by HR hub office for a formal meeting. When we authenticate your profile and expertise, your information gets visible on HR hub page. Thereafter, the employers who seek your proficiency shall contact you via HR hub.


As the saying goes "Volunteers not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart." Volunteer is someone who freely offers to take part in social activities without having financial or social motive in mind. You are welcome to join our team as a volunteer because we believe that no one can do everything but everyone can do something.

Who can join as a volunteer?

Anyone who wants to contribute a meaningful input for the society can join as a volunteer. If you are ready to help, "sign up".

Do I need to sign up to apply as a volunteer?

There are two methods of applying as a volunteer

  • Method 1: If you want to join as a volunteer, you need to sign up as regular sign up and click on "I want to work as a Volunteer" column on the bottom. Please do specify the nature of volunteering you are interested in. If any volunteering work arises, we will contact you with the detail specifications. (If any assistance is needed kindly contact us).
  • Method 2: We have a "Volunteer" section on our Website from where you can browse the volunteering work vacancies and directly submit a personal detail form clicking on desired "Volunteer" vacancy and apply directly.
What to do after you have submitted your personal details?

After you have applied for your desired volunteering position, you will get a call from HR Hub office and we can start from there to be part of something bigger by starting from here at HR Hub, using what we have and doing what we can.

Do we charge anything?

It is a small initiation we have taken for the betterment of the society and we do not charge any sum or commission from anyone. However for every organization's seeking volunteers, we personally visit them so that we can know more about their motive of volunteering activities, safety of volunteers, nature of work needed, time required etc.

Do volunteers get paid?

In most of the cases, the organization or activities requiring volunteers does not provide any remuneration to the volunteers. However some organizations do provide some payments for the same.